Not a day goes by without bad news for our personal data: Facebook members are psychologically manipulated to affect elections; millions of passwords and IDs are auctioned on the darknet; individuals are stalked; civil society activists and journalists are targeted around the world…

Our previous documentary, Nothing to Hide (2017), addresses the‘I have nothing to hide’ argument by revealing why seemingly harmless personal data is valuable and how its abuse leads to unpleasant surprises. During Nothing To Hide post-screening debates, one question arose again and again:

“How do we regain control of our online privacy?”

Disappear Crowdfunding

The answer to this question is multi-layered. Beyond daily ‘digital hygiene’, each of us faces particular protection needs depending on our background, professional activity and the nature of the information we access.

Disappear focuses on pragmatic privacy needs: security basics, alternatives to GAFAM (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft), free software solutions, limiting exposure to social media harassment and online piracy…

The film’s protagonists also outline elaborate principles of protection for higher-risk profiles: scientists, lawyers, entrepreneurs, doctors, whistleblowers, activists in authoritarian regimes.