November 2021

Disappear (52 min) will be aired on ARTE on Nov. 24 2021.

It will be online on and on ARTE’s YouTube channel until the Feb. 24 2022. The film can be seen in German and French (synchronization).

German title: Unterm Radar- Wege aus der digitalen Überwachung
French title: Disparaître – Sous les radars des algorithmes

February 2020: Our video ‘Journalists Speak Up for Assange’

We gathered the statements of prominent investigative journalists calling to free Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange.

The United-Nations have officially acknowledged that the US and the UK have ‘ganged up’ to ‘bully’ and ‘torture’ the publisher and multiple awarded journalist Julian Assange for shedding light on war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The Trump administration now tries to extradite him and he faces 175 years in prison.

For Julian Assange and the future of investigative journalism we teamed up with a few other journalists to make this video: ‘Journalists speak up for Julian Assange’

What is DeepDocs?

Deepdocs produces documentary films reflecting on social and technological shifts with a focus on humanities. Deepdocs films are independently produced, with an effort made to diversifiy the production resources and in a desire to improve critical thinking and empower our audiences.

Deepdocs promotes Creative Commons licences, alternatives to copyright licences, in order to democratize culture.

What’s new

Disappear is a documentary film currently in production. It is dedicated to privacy and regaining control of our personal data online. It is a Sequel to Nothing to Hide (2017).

You can follow updates about the film on its Kickstarter page.

Nothing to Hide is a documentary film dealing with the puzzling “I have nothing to hide argument” rethoric and the passive acceptance of mass surveillance. It is available in seven languages under a Creative Commons Non Commercial No Derivatives licence on Vimeo and Youtube.

Learn more about the two films in the menu above.


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